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Residential Windows & Doors

Oxley Nu-Look windows manufacture a full suite of windows, including sliding, double hung and awning, as well as sliding doors, stacking doors, bifolds doors, and kitchen servery windows.


About our range:

Carinya is the new name in premium quality residential windows and doors. The Carinya range has been developed by Alspec, one of Australia’s most respected and long-standing suppliers of aluminum product to the commercial building industry.

Architects and builders will tell you: ‘The choice of windows and doors can make or break the outcome of a building project!’

Alspec created the Carinya range in response to an approach by a leading homebuilder for superior quality windows and doors at an affordable price.

The commercial and industrial pedigree of Carinya products ensures a level of performance and design normally beyond the homebuilder’s budget is now accessible… thanks to the scale and strength of Alspec’s commercial operations.

Carinya windows and doors are an investment you will enjoy everyday. In fact, the name Carinya is an indigenous word meaning ‘Happy Home’.

The very best in windows and doors is now within your reach.

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Care and Maintenance:

Your new Carinya window and door system has been manufactured using the highest quality materials available to the Architectural industry. Constructed from Architectural grade aluminium, these products are highly corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong. With a moderate amount of maintenance your Carinya system will retain its good looks and resist the elements for years to come.

All Carinya products have undergone extensive research and development and are designed to resist corrosion and rusting, but as with all external elements on the building require some maintenance to keep them looking good and performing well. Depending on how harsh the environment elements are, the maintenance period will vary. Refer to recommended maintenance table below.

Your Carinya system should only ever need to be washed down with a soft bristled brush using warm water and mild detergent. Rinse well with fresh water and remove detergent residue. Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean Carinya windows and doors as they may scratch or damage the surface finish.