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High Performance Sliding and Bifold Doors

Alspec’s® High Performance Sliding Door

ProGlide® is an update of the Commercial Sliding Door featuring new sill sections for both Double and Triple Track and a number of new sash options that allow for thicker glass, double glazing and an on site glazing option.

The major changes include new sill sections with drop in tracks which can easily be replaced if damaged or worn and their unique design covers the unsightly drainage slots in the sills with the added benefit of increased water performance. All existing hollow sills continue to be available for applications where a sub sill is not used.

Gutter sills in both double and triple track versions are now available for flush sill applications and these incorporate an aluminium, or stainless steel grate to drain surface water.

Hawkesbury Top Hung Sliding Door.

Large Expansive Openings, Weather Resistant and Wheelchair Compliant Sill

The Hawkesbury Top Hung Sliding Door from Alspec offers architects and designers unrivaled design flexibility with the freedom to achieve large expansive openings whilst also offering a weather resistant and wheelchair compliant sill.

Specifying Alspec’s Hawkesbury Top Hung Sliding Door ensures the client receives a solid, durable high-performance product offering a continuous accessible path of seamless transition between internal and external floor finishes that is capable of large panel sizes up to 3000mm in height and 2500mm in width. Multi-stack configurations are available using high quality E3 hardware by Centor.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the extremes of the Australian environment, the Alspec Hawkesbury Top Hung Sliding Door is the first choice amongst architects, builders, home owners and fabricators when performance and quality matter.

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